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How long is your service?

Our services are about 60 minutes long. We begin with a time of praise and worship – song lyrics are projected onto the screens so you can sing along and/or engage with worship however you feel most comfortable. After the worship service is complete, Pastor Lenny will preach an encouraging message from the Bible.


Can I bring my family? 

We believe that church is for the whole family. Everyone should feel like they have a place at their local church. For babies and toddlers we provide a loving, clean, and safe nursery where they will be cared for allowing you to give your full attention to the church service. For children 3yrs old through 12yrs old we provid children's classes and Jr. church where they will have fun and learn the Bible on their level. Teenagers ages 13-18yrs old meet every Sunday morning at 10am for our youth group time and then join the adults in the main service at 11am.


What should I wear? 

We do not have a dress code at BRBC. Many of our church people will wear their "Sunday best" and you will notice that our staff, leaders, and ushers dress as such. You will also notice attenders dressed from all walks of life. We just want you to be our honored guest and we certainly do not want anything to keep you from being a part of one of our services.


Do I have to give?

We do take an offering at every service so members can join in giving to their local church and its ministries, but this time is certainly no obligation for anyone. Please, do not feel any pressure to give. Our church services are our gift to you.

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